Product Details

Snap Action Griddles
Manufacturer:   American Range
Product Type:   Griddles
Product Name:   Snap Action Griddles
Product Details:
The American Range SAG Series of Snap Action Griddles take the guess work out of managing high volume cooking in the commercial kitchen. Innovatively engineered for optimum performance and long lasting durability, the design features a time-tested electronic ignition that controls the surface temperature of the griddle to +/-10 degrees. The accurate control of the cooking surface means higher production rates, better food quality and easier clean-up at the end of the shift. In addition to the solid-state electronic ignition spark control, “U” shaped burners positioned every 12 inches of griddle surface create an even temperature platform – and the extra deep plate has plenty of cooking space. The rugged stainless steel exterior body, highly polished 1 inch thick griddle plate, 3 inch wide stainless steel grease trough and large capacity grease can make the SAG Snap Action Griddle the best value for your budget.