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Pasta Cooker
Manufacturer:   American Range
Product Type:   Steamers
Product Name:   Pasta Cooker
Product Details:
The American Range 18” Heavy Duty Pasta - noodle Cooker and Steamer is a significant improvement over standard vessels because it is equipped with a aluminum water tank and state-of-the-art heat exchanger - increasing surface area of the bottom of the pot - and heat transfer-ability nearly 5 times greater than typical cookers. The unit is powered with an American Range three-ring burner fi ring at 80,000 BTU/hour. During the fi rst stage of cooking, both rings cooperate to bring tank water to a rapid boil – in the second stage, the inner ring may be used by itself to hold the tank at 212oF. SuperWool ceramic insulation (technology created from Space Shuttle tiles) reduces the front and side surface temperatures by 100 degrees, making the unit cooler and safer to operate.