Product Details

Mesquite Woodfired CharBroilers
Manufacturer:   American Range
Product Type:   Broilers
Product Name:   Mesquite Woodfired CharBroilers
Product Details:
American Range provides as standard many of the optional upgrades normally offered at a premium on other Mesquite Wood Broiler lines. The new look features a Stainless Steel body. Located on the front of the broiler is a large chute for easy loading and moving of wood and charcoal during operation. A built-in gas log lighter eliminates the need for messy lighter fluids or electric starters and can be used during “peak” periods. The American Range Mesquite Wood Broiler enhances the flavor of meat, fish and poultry with the unique flavor of mesquite. The broiler makes mesquite broiling convenient and efficient. The unique open grate bottom allows a continuous updraft of air for optimal fuel combustion saving wood and charcoal costs. The heavy duty round-rod grates make attractive broiling marks to add appetite appeal.